Lower Receiver Parts and kits
AR-15 M-16 Lower Receiver Parts

Lower receiver parts

Lower Receiver parts kits and parts for your stripped lower receiver
As of May of 1986 there can be no new machine guns made for the civilian population.  We do not sell any conversion parts, only replacement parts for registered machine guns. Having M-16 parts in your AR-15 type rifle can be construed as a felony. All NFA laws apply.  If you have any questions contact BATFE at 1-800-ATF-GUNS.


Includes everything that can go inside your stripped lower receiver. Parts Include fire control group, the pins
and springs for the fire control group, bolt catch assy., mag catch assy., front pivot pin, rear takedown
pin, 2 takedown pin springs, 2 takedown pin detents, A-2 pistol grip, pistol grip screw, pistol grip screw
washer, buffer detent, and buffer detent spring.

AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

AR-15 Lower Parts Kit (semi auto) From Double Star.

A-2 Buttstock Buffer Spring

AR-15 or M16 Buttstock Buffer Spring Standard Length.

Carbine length buffer spring

Carbine Buffer Spring assembly

A-2 Buffer Assembly

A-2 Buffer Assembly

Buffer Assembly (short) Carbine Length

Buffer Assembly for Carbine tubes or Telescoping buttstocks.

AR-15 Semi Auto Selector

AR-15 Semi Auto Selector

Field Repair Kit

Field Repair Kit.

Lost it Kit

I can't find or damaged it Kit.

AR-15 Fire Control Group

AR-15 Fire Control Group

Tactical Two Stage Trigger Set

Tactical Two Stage Trigger setup.