AR-15 M-16 Barrels

We have a wide selection of barrels made by Wilson Arms,  E. R. Shaw, and JP Enterprise.  All barrels are chambered and bored to 5.56 mm NATO, this is the standard because they will also fire .223 cal. rounds.
Our  selection of barrels come in a 6 groove, right hand twist with twist rates from 1 x 7, 1 x 8, 1 x 9, and 1 x 10.  Most of the common barrels are a 1 x 9, other twist rates are available with specific length and styles.  Please check the specific barrel for more information.

16 ARM-4 Barrel 1in9 pre-ban ( M-4 Profile )

16" Pre-ban ARM-4 Govt Profile Barrel 1x9


16 1x7 ARM-4 Gov't Barrel

16 Pre-ban ARM-4 Govt Profile Barrel 1x7 twist rate.

20 Stainless Steel Wilson Arms Premium Grade Pre Ban

20” Stainless Steel Wilson Arms Premium Grade Air Gauged Match HBAR Barrels 1x8

AR-15_M-16 Preban Barrel 16

16" Pre ban HBAR Barrel.

16 Post Ban HBAR Barrel

16" AR-15_M-16 Post ban barrel

16 Light weight barrel Pre Ban

16" Light Weight AR-15_M-16 Barrel Pre Ban.

16 1x9 Lightweight Tactical Barrel (Fluted HBAR)

16” Lightweight fluted Tactical Barrel.