M-16 parts news and articles

M-16 parts news and articles

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 M4 & M16 Weapon Kit

Hi, I dunno where top go to ask this but, well.. i would like to know if you can link or tell me me something abt m16 and m16 weapon kit ...


AR-15 M-16 Parts
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Question about purchasing an M16 in Arizona.? - Yahoo! Answers
My cousin has been wanting to buy an M16. He is 22 years old has no criminal ... One would certainly hope so. ...


M-16 Rifle - Resources - MilitarySpot.com
The mission of the M-16 Rifle is to deter and, if necessary, repel adversaries by enabling individuals and small units to engage targets with accurate, ...


AR-15 And M-16 Show And Tell - Page 102 - INGunOwners
Originally Posted by Mini-14 My first build. Nice first build..... and of course I approve of the add ons and color choice !!!