M-16 parts December 05, 2016

M-16 parts December 05, 2016

Hamas Terror Cell Planning Suicide Attacks in Jerusalem Uncovered, Shin Bet Says


The cell also allegedly acquired M16 rifles to be used to carry out shooting attacks on Israelis. Cell members are said to have turned over explosive ...

Robber steals P1M, killsbizman, guard

Visayan Daily Star

A lone suspect, armed with an M-16 assault rifle, shot and killed a Chinese businessman and a security guard, and took an estimated P1 million in ...

The Long Guns: History of US Military Rifles


"The problem for the M16 is that it was introduced while fighting was going on, and this didn't allow for the familiarization period that small arms really ...

Caught napping?

Visayan Daily Star

The M-16 weapon is issued only to military and police personnel. While we can discount civilians, this is not impossible. There are opinions that some