M-16 parts December 10, 2016

M-16 parts December 10, 2016

EMS seeks help to stay safe
Muskogee Daily Phoenix
The hard body armor stops rifle rounds including AR-15 and M-16 rounds. Hard armor vests have no shelf life, so 50 years from now someone can still ...

Owen Courreges: A police state in the French Quarter, and no police at all anywhere else


Thus, it was with some relief that New Orleans welcomed 2017 with champagne, food, revelry, and SWAT team members with M-16s placed ..

Nangarhar police receive M16 rifles as part of modernization efforts

Khaama Press (press release) (blog)

The Afghan National Police (ANP) forces modern M16 rifles as part of the ongoing efforts to modernize the Afghan National Defense and Security ...