M-16 parts December 25, 2016

M-16 parts December 25, 2016

M-16 parts December 25, 2016

Mud test revisited: Vintage AR-15 gets the dunk (VIDEO)


Ian and Karl from the In-Range TV crew take an early AR and get downright filthy with it to see how reliable the early M16 was when it came to mud.

A Brief History of the M14 Rifle: A Time of Transition

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

That same year, the M16 was ordered as its direct replacement. By 1968, the M14 had been completely phased out, after only an 11-year run.

Ansar Al-Khilafah Philippines leader killed in Sarangani

GMA News

Seized from the suspects were two AR 15 Armalite rifles (Elisco & Bushmaster), one hand grenade, 18 pieces loaded short M-16 magazines (two ...

Leader of armed group sympathetic to ISIS killed in Sarangani clash

Minda News

Recovered from the clash site were two Bushmaster M-16 Armalite rifles, two hand grenades, 24 magazines of M-16 Armalite ammunition, two bullet ..