M-16 parts January 8, 2017

A special task force of the 49th Rangers Regiment led by commander Colonel Charoon Chaturong discovered the disassembled M16 rifles and ammunition in a sack buried under a tree. Five metres away, they found a 15-kilogram cooking-gas cylinder – already cut open ready to make an explosive ..
The troops have recovered nine high-powered firearms in a clearing operations around 10:30 a.m., Saturday, January 6. The recovered firearms were the following: three M-14 rifles; three M-16 rifles; two M-653 rifles; and, one caliber .22 rifle. Also recovered were assorted magazines and ammunition
Meanwhile, two M16 rifles, 19 rounds of ammunition and equipment that could be used in making bombs, such as a modified cooking-gas cylinder, were discovered at a Narathiwat rubber plantation on Sunday afternoon, it was announced during a press conference yesterday at the 49th Ranger
Uses an intermediate rifle cartridge (defined broadly as any cartridge case with a capacity of 1.75–2.79 l including 5.56 NATO and 7.62x39 cartridges for the M-16/AR-15 and AK-47 respectively). Brown's definition makes it very clear the civilian AR-15 is a semi-automatic firearm. It is not an “assault rifle..
The other M16 must be examined further to determine where it came from because the serial number has been erased, said Col Charun Chaturong, chief of the special task force. The same raids that netted the two rifles also yielded 16 bullets compatible with them and 19 other bullets, a number of ...
Winslow claims to be rated an expert in shooting the M-16. If so, it is hard to believe he is unaware of the excellent long-range record of AR-type rifles. Winslow claims “assault rifles” were severely restricted from 1995 to 2004. In fact, the restrictions were only cosmetic in nature and far from severe..
Matthew Riehl fired four of them – an M-16, an M-4, a shotgun and a handgun. The guns are still being examined, but from visual evidence, none appeared to be fully automatic, said Sheriff Spurlock. Some of the guns and bullets they fired were strong enough to pierce the protective vests the deputies
At around 9:45 this morning, officers from CIB and the Quick Response Team searched in the old cemetery on Cemetery Street, in Orange Walk Town. They found a thick bundle of shrink-wrapped weed, weighing 0.649 kilos - or almost a pound and a half. A magazine for an M-16 assault rifle, with 4 liv
But the M16 wasn't the only rifle troops had to remember to keep clean. The M1 Garand, widely celebrated as a war-winning weapon, was another weapon that needed proper, ongoing care. This, of course, is just plain common sense. In one report on the M16, it was noted that no weapon had ever