Some of the grievances included hiring an illiterate officer, firing an M-16 into a car during a police chase and not reporting it, arresting someone ...

The Iraqi forces cradled U.S.-made M-16s and rode on black-coated American Humvees. The Peshmerga, defending a berm near the town, were also ..

The unidentified PC sergeant told him that they had five big boxes of ammunition for M-16 and M-14 assault rifles and one huge box of grenades

(The AR-15 is a military-style rifle which, unlike military rifles like the M-16, is semi-automatic rather than fully automatic, meaning that the trigger must ..

... they have to counter the nonsense the general public receives that these devices are dangerous or make your guns like M-16 and military styles.

In May, thieves broke into the Tze'elim army base in southern Israel and stole 33 M-16 rifles. While all those involved in the theft have been arrested ..

... his agency needs to replace their Army surplus, Vietnam-era M-16 rifles. ... Now that I'm Commissioner of the State Police, it's not nearly as funny.”

She said she analyzed two Bushmaster rifles and a Colt M-16, all of which fire .223-caliber bullets, and compared them to shell casings, projectiles ...

Anyone with a few hundred bucks can buy what's called a "Ghost Gun" on-line. Within four hours we built a semi-automatic firearm right here in the ..

The MDR reduces the number of motions required to change magazines to be one step less than an M16requires. The side charging handle prevents ...

USS Blue Ridge Sailors must qualify to use the M16 and M500 in order to stand armed watches with either weapon. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass .

According to Furman University, “Ranger Challenge is a competition where teams of 10 ROTC cadets compete in various events which include M-16 ..