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Aside from the anti-tank rockets, Espenido said the raiding team recovered two rocket-propelled grenades, three rifle grenades, 15 12-gauge shotguns, 18 9mm firearms, eight .38 revolvers, and an M16 rifle. Police also seized 148 live ammunition for the 9mm, 73 bullets for the revolvers, and 17 ...Cops seize anti-tank rockets, high-powered firearms from Parojinog hotel, security firm

Letter to the Editor: Writer is wrong, AR-15 is an assault rifle

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Also, the Associated Press Stylebook includes the AR-15, along with the M16 and AK-47, as a military-style assault weapon. So, contrary to the letter writer's contention "the left-wing media" are lying about the AR-15 being an assault rifle, they are informing the public with the facts. Informed citizens also ...

AR-15 sales, access remain strong in WNC in wake of Florida school shooting

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Army veteran Justin Fisher, co-owner of the Bear Arms Shooting Range and gun shop in Brevard, points out that those same teenagers can carry a fully-automatic M-16 or M-4 in service of their country at age 18. Like other gun advocates, he stresses that other firearms, including a wide range of pistols, ...

George Scott's gun commercial just made it harder for Democrats to beat Scott Perry | Opinion

They remained at my father's home while I served 24 years in an enlisted uniform where I qualified on the M-16, the .38 revolver, and the M9 pistol. I carried the M9 on two separate deployments. Just before my career was finished, all my father's guns--and mine--were taken out of his home and sold.

Letters: Why spend money on an assault rifle?

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On the other hand the M-16, similar in appearance to the AR-15, is an “assault rifle” because the user can select between semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire. By further definition “semi-automatic” is one shot fired per trigger pull and “fully-automatic” is multiple shots fired per trigger pull. “automatic” ...