16" fluted Light Weight Upper

AR-15 Barreled Uppers

In building our uppers We use Military contract parts and assemblies along with other commercial parts vendors to provide the best quality for the price.  ALL parts are made in the U.S.A. from start to finish.
We use forged front sight base (not cast), A-2 sight post (not A-1), sling swivel rivet (not roll pin), heat shields in hand guards (A-2 and CAR), Military contract upper,  carrier assemblies,  and charging handles. These uppers include Coltfi contract  delta rings, and gas tubes.  All barrels are chambered for 5.56mm for use with either .223 caliber or 5.56mm ammo.  We use 1x9 twist, chrome moly match Hbar barrels (standard, unless specified) and stainless steel 1 in 8" or 1 in 10" barrels for our bull barreled uppers. We can have your Bull Barreled upper coated and have many options available.  We can also customize your order with a wide selection of barrels and parts available from various manufacturers.  Please call or send us an e-mail if you do not see the configuration that suits you