80% lower
80% lower

80 percent lower receiver for AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles.

80 percent lower receiver for AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles.

YES, we have the BATFE determination letter for Legal 80% receivers.

80 percent complete NO FFL required, these are not lower receivers but are mearly paper weights until the following operations are completed.

Lowers that are nearly complete and only require

1.  Milling out of the receiver interior

2.  Cutting of the trigger slot

3.  Drilling of the trigger pin hole

4.  Drilling of the hammer pin hole

5. Drilling of the Selector Hole

80% lower receivers in 2 popular platforms, AR-15 and AR-10

80 percent Lower receiver

80 percent lower receiver No FFL required and All machine work that has been done is within Mil-Spec specifications.  This is not a second just not completed to be called a lower receiver, or considered a firearm.  This is the AR-15 / M-16 Size.

80 percent anodized .308 lower receiver

80 percent anodized .308 lower receiver.  While supplies last.