M-16 Rifle parts news March 06

M-16 Rifle parts news for March

YouTube - CD Bullseye with the AR-15 Scoped Rifle at 100 yards
Making the "So Called Impossible Shot" through a CD hole at 100 yards with an AR -15 style rifle using the 556 NATO round or the .223 round.


Wanted AR15 preban 30rd mags - NY Firearms
By Cerbeus
Im looking for Preban 30 rd mags for AR15. Tell me what you got for me =)
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(Ar15)Close range sighting technique clarification?
By topsykretts
If you zero your rifle at 50 meters for the improved BZO (Battle Sight Zero, a common zeroing distance for the AR-15), then the info in bold would be incorrect. At 10M, you would have to hold your normal sight picture approximately 1.5 ...
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