M-16 Rifle parts news March 08

M-16 Rifle parts news for March 08

Brownell's Gun-Kote test - AR15.COM
So for a long time, I've pondered the idea of changing the color of my rifle. I looked into Duracoat but didn't like the fact that it goes on thick so I ...


Newbie here - NY Firearms
By deanathpc
Hello All! I just found this board today believe it or not! I can't believe I haven't run across it before! Building my own AR-15 finally. You can.
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DDM4 build - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source!
By Alaskapopo
Colt M16/AR15,1911 & Glock Armorer. Certified Firearms Instructor & Urban Rifle Instructor. Completed SWAT Entry Team and SWAT Sniper courses. NRA Endowment Member IDPA Expert A27468 USPSA A 56876 B class ...
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AR15 bolt carrier and VLTOR modpod - TX - will ship - XDTalk ...
By TheSlipperySeal
Up for sale I have a brand new VLTOR modpod bipod in black, these guys are pretty hard to get. I had my name on the preorder list for a year and.
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