M-16 AR-15 Rifle parts news March 14

M-16 AR-15 Rifle parts news for March 14

What makes me a gun maker? - AR15.COM
If you are doing transfers in your name, then selling the complete rifle, I wouldn't look for them to split hairs in your favor. JMO, and probably worth a ... 

By Madcat455
GENERALLY, I feel that given a particular price range the best rifle is almost always an AK but if you are wanting a real precision rifle or something that modularly switches calibers or a bullpup or whatever this may not be so. ... The Bushmaster AR15 is one of the most reliable brands on the market. I have several of them with multiple thousands of rounds through them. No way the SAIGA .308 would be a pleasure to shoot for thousands of rounds. ...


Wanted WTB 10 rounds AR15 mags. - NY Firearms
By Diehard
Anyone has a 10 rounder ar15 mags? I'm looking for 2X aluminum body if possible. Thanks/diehard.
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looking for a cheaper or slightly used ar-15
By c_brutsche
hey guys, any suggestions on an ar-15 style rifle that I wouldnt have to take out a small loan to obtain?
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