Terms and Conditions of sales

Terms and Conditions of sale:

By agreeing to this you certify that you are:  18 Years of age and/or are of legal age to purchase firearm parts or accessories.  That you the purchaser, understand that the parts purchased are not an operational firearm.  That all merchandise assumed or presumed purchased from m-16parts.com will undergo an approval process for errors and or corrections in both representation or price by us, and in the event of either, the customer will be notified prior to final purchase for approval of changes.  That you understand upon receipt of any product you have inspected the product and found the product to be non defective and damage free, however if found defective you will contact us immediately with all information and will not use the defective product.  And we are not liable for damages as a result of improper use, negligence, misuse, abuse, or any other act or simulated act that results in damage to self, property or others.  We are not liable for any violation, intendid, simulated or other local, state or federal laws concerning the product you have purchased.

Return Policy
All products are new and under the manufacturer's warranty.  Once product has been used, please contact manufacturer for any product defects.
All returns must be requested by Phone or Email within 14 days of delivery.  Merchandise return requests outside of the 14 day timeframe will be for store credit only.  No returns will be accepted after 30 days of delivery.
The item must be new, unused and in the original packaging.
Shipping cost for returns/exchanges are not reimbursable.
Non-defective returns may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 15% depending on the product returned.

On a Lighter note please read the following carefully.

That in the event of "all out War" you will abide by the "ammo sharing rules" outlined herein:  please remember this is if time permits.

1. that in the event a fellow shooter is within 2 meters of myself and is of equal capability, we will add up the total amount of ammo and each shooter gets half.  In the event there is an uneven number of rounds I will keep the extra round.

2. that in the event a fellow shooter is not as qualified or capable as me, we will add the total number of rounds, I will keep all but 5, and send the less qualified or capable shooter to find more.  if there is less than 5 the most capable or qualified shooter gets all.

3. In the event  that I am the less qualified or capable shooter, I will gladly give up my ammo to the more qualified or capable shooter and understand and acknowledge that I will have to go out and find more.

4. that if my weapon becomes defective or incapacitated in any way, that I will give up all ammo to the shooter that has a functioning weapon.