We have been in the business for years selling AR-15, M-16 related parts online to all types of customers.  Many of the brands you have grown to trust for quality can be found here.  The quality of our parts, and customer service are the best any company can provide.

We provide quality U.S. Made Mil Spec parts and proven name brand parts only.  What does this mean? that you the customer get the same parts used by the U.S. military by military contract manufacturers.  These same parts available to you are also used by many SWAT Teams, SRT, Police departments, U.S. Military Personnel, U.S. Government Employees, and the everyday normal civilian.  Some of the parts we sell here are also used in competition shooting across the country.

Most Parts you will find here are are compatible for both the AR-15 and M-16 Rifles.  Parts that are specific for the M-16 require additional information and specific forms, these parts will be marked as such and will not be shipped until all required forms are received.

Please remember all NFA rules Apply (IE barrels shorter than 16", automatic weapons parts, etc).